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Writing styles

Posted: September 23, 2010 in guidelines, tips, writing styles

Here some ideas for writing styles you can use:
1. Tips (e.g. 7 Tips about …)
2. Q&A (think of 3 to 4 questions that somebody in your market might ask)
3. Reviews (book, product, movie, etc.)
4. How to… e.g. How to use interest rate parity to trade Forex, How to stop losing in Forex, How to profit consistently from Forex forever etc.
5. Top 10 Lists (or “Top 5,” “Top 7,” etc.) e.g. Top 7 most tradable and profitable currencies, Top 10 Forex trading mistakes, Top 5 advice for Forex traders etc.
6. 7 Steps To…. (or 3 Steps, 5 Steps, etc) and Simple Ways e.g. 5 steps to profitable Forex trading, 3 simple ways to overcome trading psychology, 5 steps to master forex trading, 4 simple ways to building a profitable automated Forex trading system etc.
7. Mistakes, Traps, How NOT To… (Negative) e.g. Top Forex Trading Mistakes one should avoid, money management mistakes one must avoid, avoid these top 3 mistakes in currency trading etc.
8. Myths about… (Attack what people believe to be true) e.g. 10 common myths about forex trading, top 5 myths to be a professional Forex trader etc.
9. Rules/Laws e.g. 5 Laws of Profitable Forex Trading, golden rules of forex trading, 5 golden rules of technical analysis etc.
10. Warning Signs e.g. Forex Trading – 5 warning signs that need your attention, 3 warning signs that you are overtrading etc.
11. Top Tricks and Techniques e.g. Top tricks of the successful traders, 5 top tricks in using technical indicators, 5 money management techniques to profit in forex etc. 12. Unorthodox. e.g. 5 Unorthodox Forex trading tips, 5 Unorthodox ways to create Forex trading system yourself, 3 Unorthodox methods you can use to gain advantages over other Forex Traders etc.