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No speak no Bulgarian

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Bulgarian, guidelines, language, tips

If your system tells you that Bulgarian is not available, try using the Style drop down under the “file” button on Word, to select apple-style-span. This has to be done every time.

Please do a spelling and grammar check in Word before sending your article through. Ensure that your system is set to American or USA English. The diagram shows you how to do that.


While we understand that it may sometimes be difficult to make a word count, there are some words that are used as fillers that make your writing look bad. People sometimes use profanities and it is said that they have a bad command of their language – these words have the same effect:

about – rather use approximately, estimated, nearly
just – rather use only, a mere
very – highly, seriously

If all else fails, do a synonym check in Word. Type the word on a sheet, right click, click on synonyms. See diagram:

Please check your work in a spell checker. Word has a nice one. Go to Options and set it to be in Formal American (US) English.

Do not use slang, saying things like “gonna”, don’t, isn’t. Write going to, do not, is not. (this also helps your word count!) 😉

Common mistakes

Posted: September 23, 2010 in common mistakes, guidelines, punctuation

Do not overuse commas. They make sentences too long.

Many writers do not use their commas correctly. They write “This is a cartridge, the ink is stored there.” That should be 2 sentences as it conveys 2 ideas. A single sentence contains only 1 idea.

Avoid special characters such as – (hyphen), ; (semi-colon), : (colon). “quotation marks”, ? (question marks) and ! (exclamation marks).

Use full stops, Capital Letters and paragraph breaks.

How many paragraphs?

Posted: September 23, 2010 in guidelines, paragraphs

A 300 word article should have 6 paragraphs

A 400 word article should have 7 paragraphs

A 500 word article should have 8 paragraphs

A paragraph should not have less than 3 sentences

Power writing tips

Posted: September 23, 2010 in guidelines, tips

* Start your sentences with a power word if possible (not with A, The, or Sometimes and not the keyword)

* A sentence should not be longer than 20-25 words.

* Write in full sentences. If you are writing a review on a printer, don’t write “The cartridge. This is the ink” These sentences make no sense. A full sentence would be “The cartridge contains the ink.”

Keywords and Keyphrases

Posted: September 23, 2010 in guidelines, using keywords

1 word is a keyword and more than 1 word is a key phrase.

Remember that we are writing for the Internet, therefore the clients want EXACTLY that keyword or key phrase.

Correct placement of keyword/phrase – ONCE only in:
First Paragraph
Last Paragraph

Any word in the keyword of phrase should not be used more than 5 times in the article.

Companies’ names should not be used more than only in the keywords, unless you are going to mention an additional 3 competitive or complimentary companies / products. The reason for this is that the articles should NOT be promotional, but general.