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While we understand that it may sometimes be difficult to make a word count, there are some words that are used as fillers that make your writing look bad. People sometimes use profanities and it is said that they have a bad command of their language – these words have the same effect:

about – rather use approximately, estimated, nearly
just – rather use only, a mere
very – highly, seriously

If all else fails, do a synonym check in Word. Type the word on a sheet, right click, click on synonyms. See diagram:


Please note that a maximum of 15% identical content between the research and the article you write, is allowed. You need to check duplicate content between your research and your article using DupeFreePro, a program that you need to download for free from
If you have a high percentage of dupe content then the reason for that is probably that you rewrite the articles sentence by sentence. A better way is to rewrite them paragraph by paragraph. Read the paragraph and then rewrite it without looking at it again.