How to use article marketing to make money with affiliate marketing

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many people today are looking for ways in which to make money online. People either have a job and want extra income or they have no income and they need to make money fast. In today’s economic climate it is strongly suggested that people who have work should find themselves and additional income stream so that they have some kind of insurance or buffer should they ever lose their job in the future. Another reason is that most people today who do not have jobs cannot pay all their bills anyway so the extra money will come in handy. A lot of people today fancy the idea of earning income online and especially the ability to earn income online without having to work. The good news is that this is very possible and all people have to do is to find out How to use article marketing to make money with affiliate marketing.

Marketing in this way is probably one of the simplest sustainable ways that you can make money. Many people reading this statement might think that this is the most absurd comment ever made, however it is true. Research on this subject will show that it appears to be a rather complicated process to get going in the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. Reports will suggest that you will have to learn to build websites, become an expert in the products that you are using and then learn every website promotion technique in the book. Frankly speaking it sounds like way too much work and more than likely many people will be non starters. This does not help them or the affiliate companies that are looking for people to market their products. You would think that someone would have worked out a strategy to simplify the process of earning money online.

The system that will be discussed here is best suited to someone who has a job and is able to invest some money into building an online income stream. This method is so good that you do not even need a website, any experience and you do not even have to know a thing about what ever product you are selling. You must be thinking I am absolutely nuts, well if you follow what I suggest here you will be making money. My friend sells the very same products and he grossed $ 15 000 last month. If he can do it then so can you.

Step one is to become an affiliate for a company that sells minerals. To do this simply join here.   This company markets the top minerals money can buy, the pay 35% commission and they pay once a month via paypal. That is all you need to know. The sign up process takes less than five minutes and you will be sent log in details. When you have these details simply sign in, go to the affiliate section and retrieve your URL. You now have something to sell. The next step is to read through the site and see what minerals you need to take and then order some for you to take.

Now you need to contact us so that we can promote your URL for you and you can start to put some money in your pocket. We will write a series of quality articles about the importance of minerals and then link these to your URL. This will be done by us submitting the articles to article submission websites were we are rated as expert authors. Not anyone can write that that well to be called an expert author, so this means you get to ride on our backs so to speak. Once the article has been submitted to the directory you can have as many as thirty million viewers per month going to the submission site and a chunk of those will read the article which will then direct them to your URL and some of these people will buy your products. All of this happens without you having to do any work yourself. Now does this system not sound much easier than what you have possibly come across when you have been researching How to use article marketing to make money with affiliate marketing?



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