Submitting your article

Posted: September 23, 2010 in checks, guidelines, submitting

Step 1: Submit the article
When you are finished with the article, just email it to me at by REPLYING to the email containing the order.

Step 2: Fix possible errors
Here is a list of automated checks we do:
Copyscape: Each article will go through a test. It checks if your article is original or not. Basically, it checks copyright violations and plagiarism. Your article must be 100% copyscape clear. If the article returns an error, please use your own paid premium copyscape account to find out where the problem is. We can’t show this information. Do not use the free version, it is not userfriendly. Sign up for a paid copyscape account. It is just $0.05 per check and copyscape will highlight exactly the text areas you need to change. After you have made the changes, please submit the article.
Article length: checks if the article has the required minimum length
Article title: checks if there is an article title
Title length: checks if the article title has at least 5 words
Keyword in title: checks if the keyword is in the article title
Keyword in 1st paragraph: checks if the keyword is in the first paragraph
Number of paragraphs: checks if the article has the required number of paragraphs
Empty line between paragraphs: checks if there is one empty line between each paragraph
Readability check: checks the average number of words per sentence. The more words per sentence the harder an article is to read. Try to write short sentences (avg. 12 words). You must stay below 25 words per sentence.
HTML check: checks if there is HTML code. No HTML allowed. URLs allowed.
Special UAW checks:
Paragraph check: checks if all 3 articles have the same number of paragraphs
Title check: checks if the 3 titles are different
Duplicate content check: checks for duplicate (identical) content in all three articles. You must stay below 20% duplicate content.

Common problems with paragraphs
1) One reason for the error is that you have paragraphs within a paragraph or because you have hard line breaks in your article. See this picture to make hard line breaks visible:
2) Another reason can be that you don’t have empty lines between your paragraphs when you submit your article. Each paragraph must be separated by an empty line:

Common problems with sub-headlines:

Another way to make paragraph problems visible is to save the article as plain text file and look at it without word wrap.


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